Raging Hormones

○Sometimes as a human born of the spirit of God but living in the flesh – I get those raging hormones and that I don’t even know how to handle them or how to respond in some instances but because I am a Christian of God and I have seen the light

○I just think of the things that uplift my spirit and I keep myself busy with things that motivate me positively and meditate on some scriptures sometimes that just hit the right spot at the right time – just as I need them.

○So don’t give up your joy because the joy of the Lord is our strength.

○I pray that you find your joy in the must o your confusion and in theist of your pain. I have found my joy in the Lord and I always get positive thoughts on guidance from scriptures in Jesus mighty name Amen

By Thank Manamela


#engagements, #motivation, #positive mind, #joy

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