Kukho konke(after all) you still remain Jehova

Baba ukuzwile ukukhala kwami. Father you heard my cries. When I was in agony. I thank you Lord. I know I may not be where I want to be, but when I look back I am no longer where I used to be. Simply because seasons come & pass. I experienced different seasons in myContinue reading “Kukho konke(after all) you still remain Jehova”

FEAR & Challenges of this life can we escape

I’ve learned that sometimes the same challenges remain with you if you keep holding on to what God is busy trying to remove from your life. Stop driving and directing your own life you are not in control only God is on the driver seat and only he has control over our lives, how toContinue reading “FEAR & Challenges of this life can we escape”

Year 2020 – 20Plenty List

Freckles Nation its Your Freckles QueenHave your list of 20Plenty things to achieveThis is our year to dominate be fruitfulLet’s do this …#freckled #freckledfaces #freckledbeauty #freckless #frecklesonfleek #freckle #frecklesfordays #frecklegang #girlswithfreckles #frecklesnation #thefrecklenation….The Freckles Queen . Like, Share & comment The Divine Voice@divinevoice4womenBY THAMI MANAMELA

Class of 2019 – Matric Results

Congratulations to all the Matriculants who passed. A special congratulations to all the top achievers, hard work paid off. Well done to those who passed matric. To those who didn’t pass, take this as a lesson. In life you will fail but that does not make you a failure. Pick yourself up, work hard atContinue reading “Class of 2019 – Matric Results”