But Joy Comes in the Morning

Situations we go through but if you know Christ you are rest assured to receive His Joy in the morning.

It may be a dark season in your life right now. When you look left it’s hard, right it’s tough front it’s a hail storm – DON’T QUIT you are closer than you think. Know that God is in charge and is working on your situation. You may not see it now you may think that 2019 is not your year well it is not over yet. JOY COMES IN THE MORNING. You may just receive God’s f as vor for your life & close 2019 with a BANG, a BREAKTHROUGH, DIVINE GLORY.Do not Quit if life is too HARD to STAND, Kneel 🙏

By Thami Manamela
The Divine Voice for Women

Female headed households. #women #motivation #grace #inspiration

I take my hat off to the women who are running their households so smooth and easy.  Whether by choice or by circumstances being a mom & a dad at the same time, a wife, employee and head of your home takes tons of strength and energy. Your duties don’t end at a certain time but you are working all around the clock.

Whether it is by choice or by circumstances:
1. You are a single mom (due to different reasons i.e.
* seperated
* divorced
* widowed
2. You are a wife of a traveler (husband or partner is always traveling on business)

You are the stronghold of your family – you are truly divine woman & powerful woman (ps: not taking away anything from the women who are blessed to have full time husband’s) but as we may know some husband’s are around and are always unavailable when they are needed.  So every woman join me in raising the flag in Solidarity #WomanPower #Mbokodo #Womandla

Running a household as a working mom alone
1. It’s starts with yourself care
2. Caring and loving your child(ren)
* make time for them & spend time with them
* homework
* extra mural activities
* school projects & researching
* prepare & provide dinner
* clothing them (it’s like they wear their clothes for 2 minutes and suddenly they are small and they’ve out grown them)

3. Taking care of your household running – entails tons of things and responsibilities
* chores/ errands
* fixing and turning
* gardening
* painting
* changing bulbs etc

4. Overstretching yourself
* looking after your children as if you never have or had another person to help you out except for God.

You are way stronger than you think and at times you wish you could go away and have your own moment and forget about everything else but yourself. Reality at times doesn’t allow you and you end up being over loaded and feeling tired and even for some women they feel recentment and would blame it on the fathers of the children. Do not take out your anger on the innocent people who were not even a part of it in the first place.

Love life and care for yourself. Nourish your soul & spirit read scriptures and invest in your well being by fellowshiping with others. This is the only way you could overcome any challenge or situation that you are going through. Never give up you are doing great  and well done. You may not be told this – all the time but you are a strong woman and you are doing a great job. At times you may feel like the world has turned its back on you & that nothing seems to go well in your life.

One thing after the other keeps happening to you and in your life and you just don’t know how to explain it or work it out. Trust God he is there and He is at work fixing your situation. You may be facing the storm now but Joy Comes In the Morning .  Trust God have full faith in Him and He shall see you through.

At times you wish you could just have a break or an escape from all the rest. You wish you could just rise above the waters and gasp for air. You convince yourself that you will be fine there after. But this life that we live in is so complicated and confusing.  I think that’s a reason God made it that way so that we can only depend on Him and not in our own powers and abilities and understanding.

Because if we all knew when we will experience problems in our lives we would make plans and also try to make plans if we knew what types of problems we would experience at what stage in our lives and how..? We could try and handle them on our own and not trust God. He knows why, when, how and how long we are faced with those issues & he wants us to give him all the glory.

Divine woman you are great.
You are excellent & you doing great.
Never doubt yourself
Keep your head up high and soldier on.

Being the Divine Voice for Women

South African woman

Our Purpose – it’s to inspire & motivate women of all ages, any race – we’ll be covering on many issues faced by women eg family issues, marital issues, health issues, life issues in general, career issues, financial issue… The list is endless. Other women of greatness and whom are prayer WORRIORS will take part to speak on certain topics and we pray about them – this is what in a nutshell the Divine Voice for Women it’s all about.

What really matters

You make time for what matters the most to you.  What is most important to you – you create moments for it in your life.
The things that we value we make time for each one of them.

For an example:
Your family
Your work
Your joy
And for some it’s money

Is your choice of what matters the most to you the best choice?
Ask yourself if you are a husband are you there as a father and as a husband or you think that money should do your responsibilities for you. You can run after all the wealth in the world but your time matters the most to those you love. You can’t buy Love and you can’t buy affection and life experiences with your loved ones those are priceless moments no money can buy and are so valuable that in the end when all wealth and time is gone but you will hold on to the beautiful memories created with love and in love.

You can’t STOP Time
You can’t SAVE Time
All you can and need to do is to SPEND Time

SPEND your time with your family and pour it all out. Have no regrets that you were out working for them or creating wealth for them because in the end all of that has no meaning in their lives.

BE PRESENT do not be an absent parent or spouse hoping that showering them with gifts will make things better and that would make you’ve part of your family’s life. Missing out on your kids growth milestones while you are seeking earthly possessions – this will leave you empty and wishing you could turn back the clock and show them love, spend a moment with them, tell them how much you love tgem
If you don’t value your family and you put everything else before your time with your family.

USE you time on things that really matter and not on what you THINK matters. Make use of your time adequately.  Have no regrets when the time is gone and don’t wish to reverse it be cause time wasted is never regained.

What matters we make time for it.
There is time to Love & be Loved
There is time to Play & Fun
There is time to Relax & Busy
There is time to Work & Rest
There is time to Laugh & Cry
There is time to Build & Demolish
There is time to Rise & Fall
There is time to Run & Walk

In short there is time for everything in our lives and if we don’t spend it wisely we miss out and we regret the moments we let down