Teaching Tuesdays “Chooseday” – Choose Forgiveness

This Tuesday choose to shed off all the weight from your shoulders and out of your life. Choose to not be the bitter person, choose to raise above the statistics of being mean, bitter, angry & hurting people person. Choose to en the circle here with you. Pray for them and release them. When we […]

Female headed households. #women #motivation #grace #inspiration

I take my hat off to the women who are running their households so smooth and easy.  Whether by choice or by circumstances being a mom & a dad at the same time, a wife, employee and head of your home takes tons of strength and energy. Your duties don’t end at a certain time […]

Being the Divine Voice for Women

Our Purpose – it’s to inspire & motivate women of all ages, any race – we’ll be covering on many issues faced by women eg family issues, marital issues, health issues, life issues in general, career issues, financial issue… The list is endless. Other women of greatness and whom are prayer WORRIORS will take part […]