Focus on You

You are never too late to start focusing on your well being, self love and appreciation, your career.

Review your whole life is it what you were intend to be.

Do you look back and say you did all that you could to love yourself?

Did you make time for your self and to focus on your well being?

Did put yourself first when you had to?

will you say you are proud of who you have become?

Never allow yourself to be convinced otherwise or against your true self.

Never accept to be guilt tripped when you give yourself time and self love and appreciation and be misled with selfishness.

start focusing on yourself because no one will look after your interests if you don’t.

Love yourself first and the world will follow suit.

Appreciate yourself first and the whole world will do the same.

Put yourself first and the whole world will know they come after you.

By Thami Manamela

Published by Divine Engagements

I am a fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. I am Worthy, I am Strong, I am who God says I am. I speak the word and what I have been sent to do. I am the vessel willing to be used to its full potential. I stand in support of those who are struggling and can not to find their inner voice or peace; for those who need motivation and I encourage, motivate and remind many women who are oppressed and seeking to find love, peace, joy and strength to rise up and face the world again and to see the beauty of life. I am the voice for women. You strike a woman you strike a rock!!!

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