Year 2020

What a year 2020 that was….

Year 2020 got the whole world on stop a complete stand still aka complete shutdown.  We never even knew “complete shutdown” existed but hey there we were, all locked up in our houses and not allowed to leave your house for a month and tgen it was extended by yet another month and without knowing it was a whole year of Lockdown – imagine only being allowed to step out for necessities and rush back home.

Im glad that year 2020 can and passed – I am glad it came so i can experience it.  Its a year that was full of many uncertainties and disadvantages in many peoples lives but through it all, we also had many lessons of life that we learnt from the year 2020.

Im positive that in 2020 we all learnt something(s) about ourselves and life in general.

1. How to save and how important it is to save and to invest for unpredicted times.

2. Appreciate life and value your loved ones because we live on borrowed time.

3. Importance of good health. Staying fit all the time i.e. mentally fit; physically fit etc

4. Taking care of you overall health and eating balanced meals

5. Stay positive and motivated

May you and your loved ones be healthy and stay safe, sanitise and continue to comply were your mask at all times and keep the social distance.

Be blessed and highly favoured

By Thami Manamela

The divinevoice 4 women

Published by The Divine Voice For the Women

I am a woman; a strong woman and I speak for those who need motivation and I stand in support of those who are struggling and can not to find their inner voice or peace; We motivate and bring hope to the women oppressed and seeking favor and strength

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