The Day the Lord hath made & we shall be glad and rejoice in it

On this day 05 April 1981. The Lord graced this earth with a little boy, who was named Aubrey Mafoko Manamela.

My husband Aubrey

In 2004 I met the young man who loved me. Who introduced himself to me as Aubrey Stephen Mafoko Manamela. We fel in love on the Metrorail train. End of 2005 we lost contacts and never saw each other for years.

In 2007 I found my long lost little red diary & telephone directory. Inside was Aubrey email address. I sent him a “hi stranger”. He responded immediately & asked for my numbers. I sent him my office numbers.

Little did I know it was his last day of work at that company and his email would have not worked any more. Thank God we reunited just like that.

In 2009 we got married and he have been together ever since.

At our traditional wedding in 2009

In 2012 we were blessed with a little girl Onalerona Boipelo Manamela. And the same year we had our celebration white wedding.

Our daughter Onalerona Manamela
Our wedding celebration in 2012 holding our daughter Onalerona

On this day April 2015 God blessed us with a son. We named him Lehumo Omahlatse Obothlale Manamela.

Our son Lehumo Manamela

So today we were celebrating my King and my prince’s birthday.

My family is grateful to God for the gift of life, family and the father and son.

We are wishing them a blessed day and many more blessed returns filled with God’s grace and peace. Abundance of favor, love, wisdom of God.

Please help me wish for my husband and son a happy birthday 🎂🎉🎊🙏



Published by The Divine Voice For the Women

I am a woman; a strong woman and I speak for those who need motivation and I stand in support of those who are struggling and can not to find their inner voice or peace; We motivate and bring hope to the women oppressed and seeking favor and strength

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