Life’s choices

This life presents us with many choices and possibilities to direct us in our life. So whenever you make a choice, always choose right to avoid the negative impact and consequences that comes with wrong or bad choices we had made.

The choice you make impacts all lot of people and things around you. Those you have a family or a spouse or a partner they also get to benefit from the choices you make in your life.

Always keep in mind that you are not only doing things to satisfy your needs and ego because the ones around you are the ones who get to suffer the most & experience all the pain and hurt of the after effects of your choices.

Always make choices that are good & GODLY and may you make a positive contributions and positive impact to your family and all those around you.

The choices we make are there to direct us on which path to take, to lead us where we’re destined to be and if we keep making the wrong choices. We are step by step moving and drifting further away from what destiny awaits for us.

Life is a journey traveled and there are round abouts, stops signs, yield signs & traffic lights that control your movement and the traffic congestion in your journey.

The good abs amazing part of the journey is that there are always boards and signs ensuring and assuring you that you are still on the right path, so keep on going.

So choose right and enjoy the journey it is worth enjoying and gaining TG e experiences of life. In the end you will be given an opportunity to tell the story of your life. Will you be able to tell it or testify about your life’s journey or not??

Remember the choices you make now have a great impact on your life and your loved ones. Do the right thing and make sure you choose RIGHT.

The Divine Voice for Women

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Published by Divine Engagements

I am a fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. I am Worthy, I am Strong, I am who God says I am. I speak the word and what I have been sent to do. I am the vessel willing to be used to its full potential. I stand in support of those who are struggling and can not to find their inner voice or peace; for those who need motivation and I encourage, motivate and remind many women who are oppressed and seeking to find love, peace, joy and strength to rise up and face the world again and to see the beauty of life. I am the voice for women. You strike a woman you strike a rock!!!

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