Teaching Tuesdays “Chooseday” – Choose Forgiveness

This Tuesday choose to shed off all the weight from your shoulders and out of your life. Choose to not be the bitter person, choose to raise above the statistics of being mean, bitter, angry & hurting people person. Choose to en the circle here with you.

Photo by: Flourishing Today

Pray for them and release them. When we forgive it sets us free from the bondage of bitterness, hatred, anger, slander and feeling revengefull, because hurt people hurt people.

Choose to free yourself, come out of that prison you have held yourself hostage. You been suffering and depressed for too long & you’ve been bitter for too long & feeling defeated for far too long clain your freedom and let go & let God be in charge of your situation and the persons who have hurt you.

This Tuesday – Choose to claim your life out of bondage and into the Peace of God. Let Peace reign in your life from today onwards. And the Joy of the Lord be you source of strength. Choose to bring back the light into your life. Choose to bring back your sparkle.

Roman’s 12:19

The Divine Voice for Women

Published by The Divine Voice For the Women

I am a woman; a strong woman and I speak for those who need motivation and I stand in support of those who are struggling and can not to find their inner voice or peace; We motivate and bring hope to the women oppressed and seeking favor and strength

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