Realising the Dream “I Am The Divine Voice For Women”

How it came about for me to realise the dream of being “The Divine voice for the women”. Oneday i was driving home and it was during one of the fasting periods in my life because, I am very spiritual in everything I do and if there is something I see that doesnt go well for me, also my family and in my life in general. I meditate and I pray alot. So for years now I have been thinking about writing a book so I can tell the story about my very colourful life growing up and my family back home (extended family) from my grand mother, my mother’s life (both my parents involved); growing up with my dad and life with my siblings. Basically, I wanted to paint this picture so that it can make a whole lot of sense to other families and other women. Its been years now ive been trying to create a blog but i never put much efforts to it.

I started a family of my own and I wanted to document every part and every step of my kids growing up but i was just not getting a hang of things and how do i create a blog – its such a simple thing to do right? Well, seemingly not for me cause it kept me trying for years from starting but i was always trying I never gave up.

Only now or recently i realised that this is the path God has been pushing me torwards. The writing has been on the wall all along I just never listened or took note of it and/or deeply understand it. I’ve now come to a point of realisation that “It Is Time” now is the time for me to start working and touching people’s lives out there.

I am the Divine Voice for Women and I intend to inspire and motivate women who have lost their voice. Who find it difficult to chin up and see the goodness in themselves – also to be able to stand in front of the mirror and affirm themselves of their worth.

The main purpose for the Divine Voice for the Women blog is to inspire, encourage and motivate the women of all race, all ages and coming from all corners of the Earth. also to connect and engage at a more personal level with women from all diverse cultures, who come from all walks of life and have walked this path. Women who are willing to commit to this vision and walk this path with me as the Divine Voice for the Women.

Also to stand together in Solidarity in order to save our future generation from falling in the same pit and situations. We look forward to embracing one another’s uniqueness and wrongness. In Solidarity “together we stand” #MbokodoPower.

The divine voice for the women also intends to give hope to the many women who have been and are still facing many challenges in their personal space, in their homes and in their lives in general.

We focus on empowering women to rise up and stand against any toxic situation in their lives: in particular to the many challenges, issues and difficulties women face in their daily lives such as:

1. Family life issues
2. Relationships and marital issues
3. Career advancement or stagnation
4. Health issues and well-being
5. Finance and independence challenges
6. the Rights of women and
7. many more we are not subjected to these topics only

We are izimbokodo – amakhosikazi “Strong women” – we stand together for humanity, freedom of speech & participation and the liberation of women and young girls from all forms of oppression and abuse.

Together we stand and separated we fall! Aluta Continua!!!

I am, You are and Together We are The Voice For The Women!!!

[ ] NB: I must say that using WordPress was the best choice or the best thing to do. It became easy for me to understand what is it that I need to do and where do I start. So this blog was created in that moment. Tx WordPress ThamiM

Published by Divine Engagements

I am a fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. I am Worthy, I am Strong, I am who God says I am. I speak the word and what I have been sent to do. I am the vessel willing to be used to its full potential. I stand in support of those who are struggling and can not to find their inner voice or peace; for those who need motivation and I encourage, motivate and remind many women who are oppressed and seeking to find love, peace, joy and strength to rise up and face the world again and to see the beauty of life. I am the voice for women. You strike a woman you strike a rock!!!

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